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    Shoot for Imperial Products #tomboy #menswear #androgynous #LAmade #imperialbarberproducts

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  2. Anonymous said: Hi, sorry if this is completely insensitive but as I gather you're a lesbian and possible trans. what do you feel about male genitals? Are you neutral or is transgender to do with gender roles, not surgery or attraction? Could you explain to an ignorant person like myself?

    i am slightly confused about this question, maybe i am being dumb. Personally i think that it is completely up to the individual person. there are men with and without penises. some men feel complete in the “female” body they were born with and some feel that they need to change their appearance to reflect who they are inside. what you said about gender roles as well was interesting because personally that is something that i disagree with, I think that gender roles are a social construct so no i don’t think that it makes you more or less of a man if you conform to these or not. personally i feel that if i transitioned i would be a very camp man but i wouldn’t think that would make me any less male.

    i hope that makes sense to you and if you have any more questions i will be happy to answer them :)

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    Georges de Saint Mars

    SUCCESS (Paris)

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    ultimate master post of interior spaces

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    Arts University Bouremouth S/S 2015 

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    Street & Luxury at BLVCK-ZOID

    Karmaloop Code: blvckzoid

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    I feel silly for being so upset about my hair being cut too short but I’m really upset.
    She took off 7 inches more than what I asked for and I just don’t feel like myself now

    i feel like i am qualified to say this because of that time i was bald. it does feel terrible when you don’t like how you look because of your hair but it will grow back quicker than you think and i bet you look beautiful anyway xx

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    Gigi Hadid leading the protest at the finale of the Chanel runway show.

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    David Catalan S/S 2015

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